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October 28, 2012


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Hello guys! :)

Is it just me or is time going by faster than ever this year? I feel like I'm stuck in April but wow, in a few days November begins. I've been studying in Fulda (Hesse, Germany) now for nearly one month and living here for two months. It's very interesting but I'm still wondering if nutrition science is the right direction for me since I don't feel like I could become a very good natural scientist, haha. But we'll see. ;)

The convention time in Germany is nearly over so I'm looking forward to the Animaco, the last big german con which will take place next weekend. But the week before that con will be awesome, too! Today I'm going to see Die Ärzte (german punk rock band) live! And that's not the only concert this week <3 Next thursday Mindless Self Indulgence will be giving a concert in Hamburg and I'm so so so looking forward to it ♥♥ I just love their freaky music and didn't ever expect that I could see them live in Germany.

Well, at last I want to thank you all for your support!! Your watches and comments are making me happy every day! <3

Enjoy your autumn :heart:
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ich glaub, ich werd auch keine gute Naturwissenschaftlerin. :'D
aber maaal sehen. :)

(hast du eigentlich ne neue handynummer? owo)
I hope we will find the right direction together. I have enjoyed every Minute of the concert Holding Hand with you. We will rock and enjoy MSI, too. I am Happy seeing all this together with my dearest Person.
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